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COVID-19 Update

In these challenging times, Healing Touch Certification (HTC) recognizes that those applying for certification or renewal may be impacted by COVID-19 and we want to support you as best we can.

Practitioner Certification Extensions

  • Date for packet submission is being extended with no late fee on a case by case basis as needed due to local restrictions.
  • Exam proctoring deadlines are being extended on a case by case basis as needed due to local restrictions.

Practitioner and Instructor Renewal Extensions

  • Date for packet submission is being extended with no late fee on a case by case basis as needed due to local restrictions.


Information on "What Counts" for Continuing Education


Continuing education is typically intended to expand a person's educational foundation. It is expected that continuing education classes help to develop the practitioner's skills and abilities necessary for the ever changing health care environment.

Healing Touch Program HTCP Certification Renewal requires significant ongoing education. The expectation is to choose traditional continuing education courses (offered in a physical location) or distant learning programs (online or web-based) or conferences, or a combination of both. 

Here is the specific breakdown of the 75 continuing education hours:

20 of the 75 hours must be related specifically to Healing Touch education. This includes:

  • All HTP classes (repeated, helper or Level 6)
  • Mentor Training
  • Level 5 readers can claim 6 hours (these DO NOT count toward the 37.5 official CEUs)
  • Healing Touch Worldwide Conferences, conference workshops, HTPA Community Day, Healing Touch Regional Conferences
  • Healing Touch Advanced Practice 1 & 2
  • Anatomy for Healers (http://www.anatomyforhealers.com)
  • Healing Touch Professional Association (HTPA) Business Support calls/ Energy Medicine in the Spotlight calls (Replays available through the HTPA website. CE certificate not needed for HTC renewal.)
  • Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry (HTSM) classes, ISHA classes (https://www.ishahealing.com/healing-touch-spiritual-ministry)
  • Healing Touch for Animals (https://www.healingtouchforanimals.com/)

At least 37.5 of the 75 must come from Official Provider of CE programs. 

  • ANCC, AHNA, ACEP, HTP, ISHA, etc. The certificate received should show the CE hours on it. (The above mentioned 20 hours of HT credentialed courses DO apply towards the 37.5 total)

Professional Development: If the class or course upgrades your skills or expands your knowledge base, we're quite flexible in "counting" submitted credits. Examples include:

  • nursing education, massage therapy, pain management, other energy modality trainings, business development courses

You may count, up to 2 credits per book, DVD, CD read or listened to (up to 10 hours total)

What does NOT count:

  • Yoga classes, meditation classes
  • Study clubs/ book clubs time
  • Teaching HT or other classes if you are the instructor 
  • Participation in and/or implementation of a Healing Touch community project
  • Practice groups 
  • Watching the required instructor videos 
  • Volunteer hours
  • Instructor calls

We highly encourage the courses have a Certificate of Attendance or Certificate of Completion attached to the course. If not, you might pause and consider whether taking it is a good investment in your Renewal efforts. Of course, many practitioners have loads of Continuing Education credits so including coursework that is not "eligible" is acceptable, as long as the basic credits have been met and included.

We ask that the Practitioner commit to a life-long learning philosophy that enhances effectiveness and more quickly solves problems. We encourage you to grow beyond the basic HTP curriculum.

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