Retired HTCP or HTCI Designation

The Certification Governing Board is pleased to announce the creation of a designation for retired certified Healing Touch Practitioners and Instructors. The purpose of the Retired designation is to recognize years of service to the Healing Touch Program, its community and clients, and to acknowledge dedication to certification.

Retirement from Healing Touch practice can take place for a variety of reasons including illness, disability, career change or choice. The Retired designation is to recognize those certified practitioners and instructors who would like acknowledgement of their achievement no matter which path they choose.

The HTCP/I-Retired is not a certification, but merely a designation to recognize the achievement of having earned and held the HTCP or HTCP/I credential.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The applicant must have been certified and practicing Healing Touch to be eligible for the retired credential.
  • The HTCPs must be retiring from Healing Touch practice with no current plans to apply for certified status or practice as a certified practitioner. Practice as an uncertified Healing Touch Practitioner (HTP) is allowed.
  • Certified Healing Touch Instructors may not continue to teach for the Healing Touch Program, however, they may continue to practice as HTPs or HTCPs if they wish.

Registration and Fees

  • The applicant must submit the HTCP-Retired or HTCP/I-Retired Credential Application, sign the honor statement and pay the application fee of $35.
  • Upon approval, a Retired Designation Certificate will be mailed to you.

Benefits and Privileges

  • Individuals granted retired status may use the HTCP-Retired or HTCP/I-Retired designation on their resume or below their name and credentials on a business card. This designation may be used on a name badge for HTCP sponsored conferences or educational meetings.
  • You will continue to receive the HTCP or HTCP/I updates and information as well as other program information.
  • If you decide to regain active status, you will need to meet the requirements currently applicable for lapsed certification.

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